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Questions & Answers

What hardware do I need?

An iPhone, iPad or Android device. Inspections are performed on the device and synchronised back to your Rentfind Inspector web interface. Synchronising is not specific to an actual computer, and has nothing to do with iTunes or the iCloud.

How do I get the Rentfind Inspector App?

The Rentfind Inspector App is free, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The Rentfind Inspector App will only work for users with either a subscribing or trial Rentfind Inspector account.

Do I need an Internet connection at the inspection?

No. Inspections that are already synchronised to the App can be performed without Internet connectivity. A connection is required if you intend to log in, synchronise inspections, or to use Siri for dictation. A SIM card will provide connectivity, and you can optionally hotspot a smartphone.

Can I import data from another system?

Yes. New users can provide us with a data extract of properties, owners and tenants which we will import into your account at no cost.

"What a fabulous aid Rentfind Inspector is. Not only is it extremely easy to use but it saves a great deal of time. The reports produced are professional and we are so pleased to have progressed from old fashioned pen & paper systems. Thank you to the Rentfind Inspector team who are always so easily accessible at any time.”

- Taylor Real Estate, NSW

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